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Internet Gateway Outlook Express Email Setup

These are the instructions for setting up another email account under Outlook Express.

Click on any of the pictures to see an example of the screen. 

1) Start Outlook Express
2) Click on File
3) Click on Identities
4) Click on Add New Identity...

5) Type a name that you want the new identity to be called. You can add a password so that when you start Outlook Express you will have to put in a password before getting the mail. Click on OK.

6) Click on Yes when prompted to Switch Identities.

7) If Outlook Express is not your default email client then you will get the message below. If you plan to use Outlook Express all the time then click on Yes otherwise Click on No.

8) Click on Create a New Internet mail account so that the dot is located in the circle next to it.
9) Click on Next

10) Type in your name as you would like for it to appear when you send out an email.
11) Click on Next

12) Make sure the dot is in the circle next to I already have and e-mail address ...
13) Click on the box next to E-mail address and type in your email address.
14) Click on Next

15) The incoming mail server is a POP3
16) In both the Incoming and Outgoing mail server type in mail.thegateway.net
17) Click on Next

18) Type in the username and password for this email account
19) Click on Next

20) Click on Finish

21) Click on Do not import at this time - make sure the dot is in the circle next to it

22) Click on Finish

23) Now Outlook Express will startup with the newly created email account.

To switch between the various email accounts do the following:

1) Start Outlook Express
2) Click on File
3) Click on Switch Identity

4) Select the Identity to change to
5) Click on Ok

When Outlook Express starts the next time it will start with the newly selected account. For more information on using Outlook Express click on Help in Outlook Express or see www.microsoft.com.